Photo of playpark


Consultation & Design

In order to deliver the high quality play space you dream of our experienced playground designers and consultants will work with you to fully understand your needs. This focused approach ensures that age-appropriate play needs are catered for, that the proposed play area is innovative, physically challenging, educational and mentally stimulating. The process includes; a site visit and fact finding meeting, production of concept drawings, final design and supply of quotation. In most cases this process is completely free of charge and the designers will continue to work with you to get things just right.


Our skilled contracts team ensure all projects are managed and installed to the highest quality ensuring compliance with British and European standards. Our Contracts Manager liaises with the client, designer and site team and is in control of the installation process through to completion. He will then facilitate client inspection to ensure that the customer is totally happy with the finished project before the site is signed-off.

Aftercare & Maintenance

The playground Aftercare and Maintenance department provides essential services for those clients who own or operate play, sports facilities or outdoor activity centres. We also offer cleaning services for equipment and safety surfacing which can greatly extend the lifespan of a play area by improving its look and usability.

Further information on our team members can be found here.